A Recommended Place for T Shirt Printing

As one of the most popular apparel around the world, t-shirt does provide more simplicity and comfort compared to other types of apparel. It can be worn in various occasions, as long as the occasions do not need formality. People from all ages can also wear t-shirt without looking tacky. Due to this great popularity, a lot of designers are actively competing to create the latest and the most updated design on t-shirt. T-shirt designs range from the simplest ones, with simple patterns and texts, to the most intricate ones with mind-blowing details. It is really a great option for your daily activity without losing some fashion sense. T shirt printing is now also popular among many people, particularly the custom tees. By customizing your t-shirt, you can show your unique personality through something you wear., a business that provide service in t-shirt printing Malaysia, understand this trend, and provides various printing option in their company.

In, you can choose various printing methods, such as heat-press, sublimation, DTG, and silk screen printing. For t-shirt there are three more specific printing methods offered by The first method is Neo-Pigment white. The material of the shirt will not affect the result of this printing method, because it does not use white color ink and the ink is not absorbed to the shirt. The next method is Rubber white. This ink used in this method will not be absorbed. You need to avoid ironing the printed area to maintain its quality. It is a good choice for brighter color and more solid printing. The last method is Neo-Pigment nonwhite. The final results of this method depends on the quality of the t-shirt because the white color ink used in this method will be absorbed by the material of the shirt. You can choose between microfiber and axtatex materials for full print tees. Each material has their own perks and you can choose it based on your needs.

You can order in easily by visiting their website and go to their order page. You can design your t-shirt using their simulator or simply upload the design you created by yourself. After you finish uploading the design, there will be an order details and payment instruction you need to follow. After processing your payment, you just need to wait for several days for your order to be delivered to your house.