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Where to Sell your Extra Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetes as a condition needs constant monitoring. There are test kits designed to help you along. Those who have this condition will always have plenty of these kits around. They may have tested many of these brands until they found the best one for their usage. This means that they still have the other brands stored and not to be used. These test strips have a relatively short life span. They tend to find their way to the trash cans if left unused for long.

These strips cost a fortune to buy. But not all those who have the disease are in a position to afford those high prices. Some of them could, but they do not have insurance to help them, for example. This is where you come in. In case you have extra boxes of unopened test strips that you not use, you can sell them for cash, instead of throwing them in the trash.

Most diabetics will stock up on a lot of these strips, to cater for their needs in case they cannot get some more later. If this has been going on for a while, it gets to a point where there are more boxes present than there ever will be used. It is also possible that you can switch to another brand, thereby having many boxes of the old one you will not use. Diabetes during pregnancy is another example of redundant strips when the stage passes. Such boxes are good for selling. A person may also die, leaving behind their still usable strips. All these cases point to the presence of a large stock of perfectly working test strips that may end up being wasted.

You can sell these strips, as long as they are yours legally. The buyer can be anyone, and they do not necessarily have to get a prescription to do so. The sale can still happen, even if the boxes are clearly marked as not for sale. Such a label is there to prevent retailers from ever stocking up on those are contained therein. The boxes may not sell if they are damaged, expired, or have broken seals. Only those in good condition shall sell. Their expiry date also needs to be a long way off, about six months on the lower side.

The people to sell these strips to are the dealers, whose job is to take them off your hands and give them to the needy, or to sell them at a small price. In the end, those who cannot afford them will have a chance to do so. You can trade with any dealer you like. When selling, look for a dealer that will be upfront with the payments.

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